The act of the year

So you’ve disappeared again? When will you come back? When will you hunt me down again to make my life a living hell? You told me that you were done, you told me it was the end! Yet I know you’ll come back? Why? Because you love the attention you will get, you will love … Continue reading The act of the year

This is the end

I’m so tired and exhausted. I hate that people get into my head and make me doubt myself. Me feeling sad and angry because people won’t leave me alone. I’m so tired of all the untruth posts about me online. I mean when you hate me this much then you could come to me directly … Continue reading This is the end

Online harassment

There are many forms of online harassment, and many names used to describe these types of harassment, including cyber bullying, trolling, flaming, doxing, outing and fraping. Regardless of the approach, the perpetrators use personal information, abusive messaging or bullying behaviour to cause you emotional distress. Social media is typically the platform of choice for perpetrators … Continue reading Online harassment