What uni is for me 

people say that yours years at university are supposed to be the greatest years of yours life? well what if it isn`t true. for me yes being at university its great. its great that i can study. but university is supposed to meet new people, people who are gonna be in your life forever. i have been here for 3 months and yet feel lonely, feel like i dont belong here. i have people i can talk to, but its not that i tell them everything. i want to find that friend that i can talk to and feel that i got a friend for life. have one i can study with. not just sit alone in my apartment 24/7. and in the weekend you are so bored you take the bus the shopping centre because what else can you do? its sucks that another time i try to be here at this univerity i still havent change. i still cant make any friends. i was in a party and it was fun but when you are the only one who doesnt drink alcohol it feels like you shouldn`t be there and i so felt that. i didn`t regret going there. but its bother be that to meet people now you have to be at parties, get drunk whatever. one person even asked me “do you go in our class??” yep thats pretty much it. im that small girl that dont say anything in classes, trying to be social and try to smile and pretend im happy for being here

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