London 2017 <3

So I finally decided to start my new year to do something fun!!!! Going to London ALONE for my first time, crazy right???? I booked my plane tickets on Wednesday 11 January and I was leaving on January 13. But the journey to get to a London was gonna be boring and long….. woke up Friday morning, the bus from my home to the airport started at 7:30am and take an hour. Then 40 minutes on the plane to city one(Oslo) then I had to wait 2 hours on the plane to the next city(Trondheim) I landed there at 2pm so was it 4 hours waiting before my last plane to London Gatwick which takes 2,5 hours. So finally in London at 8:30(Norwegian time) 7:30(U.K. Time) which ended with 12 hours travel from Norway to London, and I was finally in london but I didn’t fall asleep before 3am and so my weekend started!!!!! ☺️

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