I’m back- updates

So it’s been some rough moths for me and I have lost a very good friend of mine. His name was Ollie and was a very good friend of mine and i have to say that I was lucky that got to text him that day he passed away and I got to say I love you to him. He was taken way to soon, he was too young to die and he had so many plans for his future. I know that some people didn’t think he was real but he was I got to Skype with him and I still think about his laugh and how amazing he was. But he also had some people who was mean to him on Twitter and told him that he wasn’t real and that I was him. I hope that they are feeling good about putting people down but my friend didn’t deserve all that hatred because of me! The day before he died me and him decided to prank my boyfriend and Ollie was so curious about how my boyfriend would react and he was just all over the moon and so happy that he came up with that idea but sadly that prank failed but I’m happy we had such a fun time planning that prank. I will always love you Ollie RIP.

So yeah I’m also turned 24 years old and I got to celebrate my birthday with my boyfriend in Oslo who surprised me with an incredible gift which I can’t tell you guys because it’s still a secret. And we had some amazing days in Oslo and I have also got a new apartment and studying my last year at the university studying media and design.

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