Someone special ❤️

In our lives, we all have a special someone that we go to if we are ever in trouble or just need to talk. These are the most amazing people in the world and deserve recognition. Whether it is your best friend, significant other, parent, or any other family member, let them know you are grateful for them.

And for me there is this person who’s been there since day one! Since the day I first spoke to you I knew that you would mean the world to me. I’m so thankful that I have you and I have told you that a million times and if the world had more people like you,then there wouldn’t have been a lot of hate.

I want to thank you for standing by my side through the hard and the good times of my life, to stop everything you’re doing just to comfort me. I can talk to you 24/7 and i know I can always count on you! I know we both have our separate life but my life wouldn’t have been completed without you! You are my best friend my everything and I hope you know that you have change me to become a better me!

It’s still amazing that after so many years and after so many heartbreaks for me you still managed to make me smile or laugh and that’s not a lot of people who can do that. I want to say thank you for making my life so much better and for always loving me for the person I am!

Lots of love ❤️

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