You broke me

So life is supposed to learn you who’s worth having in your life and who’s not. Life shows you who’s just a part of your life to ruin you and there is people who come into your life to make your life better. In my case I have had most of people ruined me. By that I mean that the people “act” like they are your friends and gain your trust and you become friends and you think you finally have them to count on. BUT then they change they shows their real color and they turn out to be the person you which never ever gained your trust! I have had a lot of people that has done that! People who just wants to have someone to talk to and then disappear when they feel better but they forgot that you actually got heartbroken because you thought they were their friend and you thought the secrets you told them was staying between you two. I hate that there are people out there that thinks it is okey to just use people just for them to feel better. I mean you spent hours to talk to them, you used your time to help them and then they betrayed you! How can people fe good about themselves? I have to admit that I trust people sometimes way too easily and of course that’s bad but once people act like they care about me I see them as a friend. What I hate the most is that till this day I have 3 people who’s broken my trust and betrayed me and still are in my life like they are hunting me and somehow have connecting to others in my life to see how I’m doing and then they bullying me and tell people how a bad person I am.

Have you ever had people in your life who’s broken your trust and one you thought were you friends?

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