Trust issues

There are many reasons why a person develops trust issues. They’ve been hurt too many times before. Or maybe the people you open up to do not understand the weight of the things you carry around with you. Or, like in my case, a combination of both those things with the addition of a few other problems. But I am not here to merely tell you my story. I am here to make it known that for whatever reason, it is okay that you have trust issues.I

am here to tell you that won’t be the last time you will lose trust for someone. Your whole life, you will have people come in and out of your life who are not worthy of holding your precious binding in their hands, whose hands will bend and crack under the weight of your story. But know that is not on you. You did not choose what is written in your book, the events that make you cry in the dead of night and the words that stick to your soul like thistles. The words you carry within your pages are not a burden, they are a part of you.

How dare someone break your heart and betray your trust! So let yourself be upset, angry even. But do not stay that way. Let hope fuel you. “What hope?” The hope that one day, when you let someone handle your leather-bound book with splotches of ink across the pages that contain your life’s story, that someone will not betray you. They will look at your scars spread out before them and say to themselves, “This is a beautiful human being who is trusting me with her heart.” You may not have encountered this yet, but as someone who went her whole life believing it doesn’t exist, I can tell you, it is a true thing. Not only will this person’s life be more enriched by knowing your pages, but you will be able to be at peace, knowing that there are indeed people worthy of your trust.

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