Please stop

So there are people who loves me and people who love to upset me or make up lies about me. I hate those people who I no longer in my life but still finds a way to be in my life and who talks behind my back! I don’t get it? Is it fun to make fun of others? Is it more joyful to see others sad or upset? How can you as person go so far that you keep telling people what a terrible person I am? And telling others that I make fake accounts on social media. It makes me so upset that I even think about those people and it makes me upset that I get upset about what they are telling me because that’s what they want! I can’t really understand how being so mean to someone is fun or interesting to do, like isn’t your life more important then to be mean to someone all the time? I really hope that this is the last time I have to see them and I really hope they can leave me alone and leave my family alone! It’s me they want to hurt not my family or friends so leave them alone!

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