Let you go?

It’s another day, it’s a new day and I feel like shit! Why? Because of you! Because of some words you said. Some people may tell me to stop thinking about what others tell you and believe me I’m trying my hardest to not think, to not to bother anymore but somehow you always cross my mind and why can’t I let you go? Neither of us wants noting to do with each other’s and you always know how to knock me down and be the hero! I hate how someone can manage to switch your mood from happy to sad so easily. And even if I never talk to you, I wish I knew why you are still in my life? What’s your goal doing this to me? Is this fun for you? This is just some questions I will never get to know these answers but it’s just a good thing to share it with you! Maybe you go through the same shit as me if you do I hope i May help you if not comment or write a message to me

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