You & me

So it’s been some months without you my friend. I miss you! I know you are with your best friend in heaven but without you I’m not the Same, I miss your name popping up on my phone, your funny face on the screen and your cute voice! I miss how you could change my mood so easily and that I didn’t have to say anything for you to see that I wasn’t happy. The last day I got to talk to you, was just a few hours before you got killed. The day before you decided you wanted to prank my boyfriend which I was so into! You were so determined to make my boyfriend mad it was so fun! I never seen you so happy and you were laughing so hard haha but unfortunately the prank didn’t go the way we hoped. But you and me both agreed it was worth the effort because we had so much fun planning the prank. Unfortunately we never imagine that that would be the last fun time we would have together! You were my best friend and I could tell you anything and you protected me like a sister and if anyone was hurting me you surely made sure that they were gonna regret that. And one thing I hated was that you were target as well because you were friends with me. A lot of people were saying you were fake and that you shouldn’t be my friend. I miss you so much my friend. Love you still always in my heart

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