A letter to you

Hi you I know you won’t read this but I need to write something down and maybe you will read it one day. Why do I feel like everything I say or do always makes you cause an argument with me? Why is that. I haven’t gone a day without worrying what’s next going to come out from your mouth, more lies about me, more power to get people to like you more because someone hates you, you say. I hope maybe one day I will understand. Maybe one day I will actually be brave enough to talk to you and say my mind to you, but I don’t think you ever think that will happen because I’m that person who hides and let you spin me around and make rumors about me. But how would you have felt if i did exactly the same to you as you are doing now to me? Wouldn’t you have felt like I do? Or is it the case that you say you are more stronger than me that you don’t feel sad if someone keep hurting you? I wish I knew why. But I will never know

2 thoughts on “A letter to you

  1. As someone who has had my life played out on all forms of media for the past 3 months or so I’m beginning to really fucking hate it. I didn’t sign up for it or ask for it and quite frankly just was trying to get the girl of my dreams. If I had to do this again I would not go through with this in a lot of ways it hasn’t been worth it.

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