Are you proud now?

Social media is not a good place. People can say whatever they want to others without thinking about the consequence. I have had some people that randomly text me “you’re ugly” “why don’t you kill yourself” I don’t think that those who write that to others doesn’t realize that what they say is actually hurtful it’s not meaningless words is actually does hurts! In another view on it I think people does it because it makes them stronger and they feel great after saying it! But how really? How can telling someone that you should kill yourself or that you’re ugly make you feel better about yourself? Social media let us connect with people all around the world but be careful who you let into your life and who to let you text you. But even the people who you know can be the person who let you down because it’s so much easier to say write it down on a screen then to say it to your face. I have had some people who has done that and are still doing it to me but in the end those who does that to me is not going to win because all they want is to bring me down and worse is actually going too far that I kill myself because of all those hate messages I get and all that. I don’t get it how the people I know can be so mean on social media but not in person. Is it because they feel stronger and feel they actually can speak their mind when they do it online? I don’t know really and I’m trying not to care anymore. In the end I’m going to be the strong one here!

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