Breaking down

There is always I reason I say I want to be alone, i can’t be with you when my mind it’s spinning like a tornado and have millions thoughts running and it’s not even good ones. I hate being with you, I don’t like you seeing me falling apart. I know you say you will always love me and that you will be there for me in every way but how can I let you see me having a break down and can’t even control myself? How I can let the person I love get excess to my mind, read my mind. How can I even let myself think about what going on in my mind? Because my mind is not on my side sometimes. Sometimes my mind is like another person who like to make me think about bad thoughts and harm myself. Even tho my life isn’t bad but my mind think sometimes that hey you’re like is bad now and I will make it badder or sometimes when I’m so happy and joyful you mind decide to take that away from me! How dare you? Taking away my happiness. Sometimes I do wish I knew what was going on in mind

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