Black eyes

Hey how are you?, you asked me. I said I’m okey. You knew I lied you could see the pain in my eyes but let that drift away. You walked away from me like I was noting. I met you a few times here and there, I looked into your eyes and I could see you didn’t want to meet mine. You felt a tear down your chin and I wanted to ask you why you were crying. You again walked away with no words. I met you again in the middle of night, your eyes were pitch black and scary. You had change. I couldn’t understand why. Why did you change? You were staring at me while I passed by you. You looked at me with that scary look like you wanted to tell me something. All I could tell by that look was go faster don’t stop. So now it was my time to walk away. We have done this a couple of times now and yet we haven’t made it through the talking process if we ever do I don’t know. But I would like to know why you look in your eyes have changed. If I see you again soon I will stop and say Hi. Until I see you again.

One thought on “Black eyes

  1. Why do you say I’m scary I have never done anything to hurt you. If trying to love you was hurting you than we both have problems. I have tried to talk to you you are always the one who goes silent who runs. Settle down I want to talk I want to get to know you just give it a try I think you will find I love you more with each passing day.


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