The voice in my head

I’m walking in the dark, with the headphones in my ears and in my own little world. It feels so good just walking and not think about anything. But just like that I heard your voice whispering. I couldn’t see you behind me so I thought it most have been my imagination. I got home and you whisper again this time I could hear what you said “remember me?” I’m in shock and also how did you get into my head? I haven’t even been thinking about you for weeks. And now you want to come back? Why? Do you think about me ever? Do you have my voice in my head? Is it the case that you want me in your life again? Or what is it? I don’t want you in my head. I would rather have you in my life but it has to be a miracle for that to happen. You were once this person I could feel this connection with, you know that feeling don’t you? Then after a while you decided to start rumors that wasn’t true which broke my heart! Because I thought you wouldn’t do that. I have a problem to get stressed about simple thing and simple thing as you makes me stressed. Just hearing your name now makes me stressed and ruin my mood. I don’t know why you decided to have a visit in my head. Maybe you wants to start over again and show the real you. But how can I know when you still spread rumors about me, make me look like a horrible person all over this world. I wish I could talk to the real you maybe just for one last time. Maybe you can hear me in your thoughts if I say it load enough. Maybe you want to meet me for one last time too. I don’t know and I may never now. But at least I have you in my thoughts and sadly will never get over you.

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