I haven’t missed you

You’re back, you’re the one who no one knows about. You always hide from my people, from everyone I know. Why do you hide from them?are you scared that people won’t like me if you show yourself? Yesterday you were with me all day long but you didn’t say anything, you were just with me and I didn’t like it. You ruined my day yesterday my friend! I don’t care if you get hurt by that but I wish you could leave me alone, I’m happy without you. Yesterday I wasn’t myself because of you! And I couldn’t tell my boyfriend that you were the reason because he doesn’t know you. The worst part is that I let you control me my friend. I hate that you have the control over me. I don’t know why you have to be there with me when all I want is to be happy. Only one person in my entire life knows about you and that person helps me to ignore you my friend. I wish somehow you could disappear but I think I need to have a serious talk with you to make that happen. You don’t get it how tired I am off you, how much I want you to be gone. I hope writing this down will make me feel better and maybe today and for the rest of the week I can actually be myself.

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