Dear you. Why do you always have to lie? Always have to make trouble? Why can’t you just leave. I guess you love the drama don’t you? You love playing the hero. You like seeing people upset by the words you tell them. How does the nasty words taste in your mouth? How can you keep doing this? Will you ever stop. You told me that you were over this, I didn’t believe you for one second, unfortunately I was right. Now I’m here on my own because you once again took away my happiness and the people who loves me because you made them look at me like I was a monster, a girl that likes the drama. Guess what? I’m fine with that because if they left me because they believed in you it’s just says more about them then it said about me. Am I heartbroken from you leaving me? Yes. I hope you are feeling better about yourself and I know that was the outcome you were waiting for to happen. Just want to say congratulations but you haven’t won anything because I’m still standing.

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