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Hey there! Do you see that person next to you? That girl that turns out to be the younger person of yourself. She/he is twice as young as you and you get to have a conversation with the younger you. What would you have asked? What would you have warned yourself in the future? You will probably tell yourself that you will get your heart broken, the person who loves you turns out to be a cheater or he/she didn’t love you enough to stay. You will tell yourself that your parents are annoying but just listen to them because they just wants what’s best for you. Life won’t be easy but enjoy it because it will be good memories as well. Tell yourself yes you will cry over that person who you thought would be your forever but don’t be sad for too long because that person isn’t worth crying for. You will have friends who will turn your back on you, yes you can actually lose friends too just like a girlfriend/ boyfriend. Yes you will probably get drunk might have a one night stand but don’t get too drunk so often. Yes you will survive your life and tell your younger self that enjoy being young but don’t be scared to grow up. And tell yourself to enjoy those times you get to take a nap because when you get older there is no time for nap and you will look back and think why did I hate naps when I was younger.

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