I’m a bad person

Am I a good person? Many people would say no you’re not a good person. But do I think I’m a good person the answer it’s no! You know why? It’s because I’ve hurt so many people in the past and I also allow people to take advantage of me. I ask myself why do I let people hurt me? Why do I care about what people say behind my back? A lot of stuff that’s been said behind my back somehow gets to me and I know who those people are! The worst thing is that I’m too nice to people, I keep forgiving people after they’ve hurt me or broken the trust. But somehow the people who does that doesn’t stop breaking the trust or hurt my feelings. Like someone once told me “you have to forget what people said to you in the past” okey that’s fine but how can I forget? How can I change how I see those people after what they have said? Am I stupid for thinking that? Or am I just thinking about the past too much and that people can actually change?

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