Life is not fair

So it’s been some rough days…. me having my own problems dealing with problems on my own and no one can really help me. I try to just write stuff down because that helps me but it’s good to have a some friends who actually can understand me…. but yesterday I lost on of them. One friend who was there for me who I could just call or text and he would be there for me…. I really think about here I am thinking how hard life is and if there is a point of being alive and all of the sudden a life get taken. I asked why him? He was full of life and had his future in front of him and he had so much love to give and he really was a good friend. But in the end of the day we all are going to die so it’s bad of me to just be feeling down and feel sad I should enjoy life and do the things that’s make me happy. Rest in piece my friend you’ll be missed a lot

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