So here I am. So much has been going on the last week it’s weird how I am still standing. People can be so mean but I can also be stupid because I listen to what they say. That got me thinking okey if this is how my life is and how people view my life, then I feel very sorry for the people who I have in my life. There is this one person who always stand by my side and protect me and say all the right things he’s like my best friend but more then that….. I am telling him all the drama in my life, he of course cares and that makes him get involved in the drama that’s happening to me. I have to say I feel like a burden to everyone I have in my life. Like this person said to me “you don’t understand how much you are hurting everyone else” I actually do think that but it’s not what I want. I don’t want people to feel sorry for me, or feel like I can’t handle anything on own. Yes it’s good when people cares and send me messages to make me think positive but I’m not telling people to feel how I am feeling and get mad because I’m not doing anything about it. Don’t you think I hate how some people put me out to be? Tell everyone that I’m a murder and a bitch. Do you think I like that? And how am I supposed to be happy when the people feel hurt because they’re in my life? How can I as a person make it better. I can of course leave them and start fresh and they can move on from my drama. Since they say your drama is my drama, but if I force them to leave then they’ll be happier right?

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