So everybody will have people who doesn’t like them or hate them, but the difference between you and me is that those who hates me or doesn’t like me, I let them control me, I let them get into my head and listen to what they say. Social media it’s a big blame on why people hates me. Those who know me know that I’ll do anything to find out why. If I so have to meet up with someone just to sort stuff out I will because I don’t like living knowing that someone doesn’t like me for what they think I’ve done or haven’t done: I recently went to England just to sort it out with an old friend booked a ticket and went there just to sort it out and actually meet in person and talk about everything it helped and I felt so much better after that. Yes I know that I’m not all good but at least I do my best to sort it out: I have tried that with several people but some just can’t be bothered to talk and for some reason wants to hate me for the rest of the life. I hate that. And I hate more that I think “okey if those who hates me find out I’m dead would they feel better then?” I know it’s stupid to even go there but it’s hard for me to actually live knowing there is people who I know that hates me but doesn’t want to tell me: like I’ve tried my best to be a good listener and a good person. Makes me question if I’m the problem? Or do they just like having that power over me?. I recently texted someone saying i was tired of all the messages and if that person couldn’t be nice to me then just leave me alone because all I want to know was why does that person put me out like that online: i got a reply but sadly it was a simple reply saying “k” I had enough and just thought okey just move on and don’t think about that person. Unfriend them!

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