Miles apart

There is this guy in life who’s my everything. Have you ever had that feeling that you found your soulmate but in a friend way? I have even thought he is miles away he is my everything. He can literally make me smile by one text. He care about me like no one else does. He knows my deepest secrets, my mistakes and he is the only one who pretty much knows everything little detail about me, yet he is still by my side after all these years. I remember the first phone call I had with him back in 2015, I was so nervous but it was so easy to talk to him. We have talked everyday basically, from I wake up till I go to sleep. He most really loves me like a friend because I have been treated him bad in past and haven’t been the best friend for him and we had some days apart but he managed to take me back. When I don’t talk to him I feel lonely and not myself that’s weird but he is a big part of me. He have seen me change a teenaged to an adult and seen me change my mind and became a better me. I’ve really got a friend for life and I always used to write long paragraphs about how much he meant to me and so on but I haven’t done that for a long time so I hope this will make you smile my friend. I love you so much

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