We broke up

As you can see we broke up it’s been hell of a ride and I’m disappointed that it had to go this way it’s sucks. It’s not that I didn’t love him anymore because I do. I relationship shouldn’t end because you love him it should end because you doesn’t love him anymore. But in this relationship it just wasn’t meant to be. It was bad timing and so much going on. You might think well why did you break up if you still love him? Well all I can say and I stand by it a relationship is between two people only. Do you agree? Like this relationship was far from just me and him. It was always people of him who had something to say about our relationship. It was always drama around the corner and if I said how I felt about the drama I Was the bad guy! The sad thing is that no one understood where I was coming from. Yes I can just ignore he facts that his friends hated me and felt like I took him away from them. And the fact that they wouldn’t want the friendship going as long as I was in the picture, knowing that I felt like I couldn’t stay. Yes It’s hard on him but how could I keep going when the one I love had to go through all the drama between me and his friends and losing friends because of me?. And what I hate is that people say that how can you end a relationship because of his friends but when you’re in the situation yourself you might understand I don’t expect you to understand me. But it was hard to end it for sure when all I wanted was to call him and say I love him but I couldn’t.

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