Living a lie

She woke up one day felt like her life is a big lie. She doesn’t feel like she belongs and all the people in her life loves her for the person they think she is. But it’s not who she really is. She wake up every morning with a smile on her face and trying to make everyone happy. Send all those snaps to her friends, selfies of her smiling and wish them a good day. Then there’s this one person in her contact who never replies to her, she can’t stop thinking about him yet he isn’t hers. He simple has her heart, but she doesn’t realize that he is gone and will never come back. She still tries to call him and text him just so he knows she’s there but he knows that but he just want to move on. Then she texts her other friends saying she loves them and that she is having a good day but she never has a good day, she is just saying that so people won’t ask her any questions. Then there’s a message on her phone. It’s from his boyfriend who wrote “I love you” she replies back “I love you too” it’s just words but does she mean it? She does mean it but it’s not the right thing for her.

She just wants to disappear because she is lying to everybody and herself. She just wants life to stop or start over again. She have courses so much pain to the people who loves her and she has so many secrets laying on her shoulders that she doesn’t know when she have had enough. She wants to take a break from everything and just be by herself, figure out still. Tell everything what’s going on in her head and tell all the dirty secrets so she won’t be lying anymore. She’s tired of being the girl that’s trying to be happy every time. She is done pretending she is doing good. Because she is about to die if she doesn’t start talking now!

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