Everything happens for a reason

Sometimes you do stupid decisions only because you want to protect someone, but you aren’t really protecting anybody because the only one who’s in pain is you. It’s been a hell of a evening and I did just that. I had to sit there pretending I was okey, pretending I was the bad guy. When reality was that I was trying to protect you! All I wanted was to scream and cry and just get it all out, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t let myself do the big mistake or letting the words come out. Right now all I want is to hide for a while and that when I’m back everything will be back as normal except from one thing but I know i will be happier that way. What sucks Is that you really do anything for the person you love. Even tho you even go so far as losing them is the best option. I really hope I can wake up tomorrow feeling better and you know what they say, everything happens for a reason, if I lose the one I love at least I know I did the right thing because I would rather lose the one I love by me hurting them instead of letting anyone else hurt them.

Done bye

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