Life is not easy

Have you ever felt like you’re life is totally not worth living? That the life you’re living is not what you wanted?

You know what everyone has at one point felt like that, felt like their life isn’t good enough or isn’t as interesting fun as they was excepted it to be. You get the job you’ve dreamed of for so long but somehow you doesn’t feel happy.

I have felt like my life is a total failure and that I’m better of death you know why? Because nothing in my life is as what I want it to be! Yes I’m studying what I want to study. I have one friend, I have the most important in life but yet I feel my life is a mess, a complete disaster and I wonder what I’ve done wrong for to be stuck like that, I’m not blaming anyone for anything that’s happened to me. Yes people can say they feel sorry for all the stuff that’s been happening but the truth is, is not that what’s make me hating my life. It’s the fact that small problems in my life take the biggest space in my body and let my brain just think “shit now you’re gonna be depressed and unhappy for days because of one tiny problem”

You might feel the same way but I hope you can

Think of one thing. Don’t let one bad problem, one bitch or one annoying person ruin your dreams. Don’t let anyone be the reason for you to not feel happy about your life. Life isn’t supposed to be a one way straight Line of just happiness, life gives you hard times for you to get up and be a better person and prove your stronger than that. So if you ever feel like your days are shit, just think about why you have come this far. Be strong and keep living.

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