So it’s been awhile since I’ve posted something because of all the drama and heartbreaks that’s been happening in my life. And one thing I’ve learned from that is that in the end you can only do the things that makes YOU HAPPY! No matter if people won’t like your decision or the stuff you’re doing then do it because it makes you happy. If they love you they will support you all the way. If they won’t support you then maybe it’s time to get them out of your life. I have lost so much respect and trust on the people who should be the number one in my life. But unfortunately for my decisions in life have made them turn around, and walked out of my life. It sucks to know that you won’t have the support in your daily life but I will get through this. Because I have come this far and I have had a hard life so why should I stop now?

I just hope that the people who I have in my life understand how much they means to me how much having them in my life makes me smile everyday and get up and face the reality even though somedays are harder than others and I just want to hide under the blanket and be forgotten and just sleep and be in the better place.

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