Broken & unwanted

She’s standing outside your window just looking. She doesn’t say a word just stare with tears in her eyes. She can hear people inside the house but she doesn’t walk inside. She feels broken and unwanted. She hears this familiar voice laughing from the inside of the house, her body gets tight and she feels disgusting by that laugh. Days goes by that she keep coming back to the house just like the other days. She keep thinking it’s weird that no one from the house cares about her but she can’t blame anyone but herself. She is sitting in the dark room with a tiny flashlight in her tiny hand. She is looking at photographs of this guy and a girl. It’s her and the other guy is smiling at her and she have this beautiful smile. But she never smiles likes that anymore. She says that the guy in the picture broke her and she can’t smile anymore because of him. I ask her why she still have the picture and she says “because at that time it was a good time I was a happy girl, I just don’t want to forget that even though it’s most sadness” she keeps scrolling through the pictures in the photo album and there it is. The house where she always walks to everyday. On the picture she is standing there smiling but she is young probably around 8 years old. A tear runs down her face and I can see that it still hurts her to look back at that photo. Her face looks hurts but at the same time anger she says that she miss that place but that everything changed after time. But I was happy as long as it last. I have to appreciate the things I have no and don’t look back. She puts the photo album back in the box and put it away.

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