Silent words

Do you know how much it hurts!

I’m standing her looking back at all the years I spent with YOU. All the memories we shared and how much I trusted you and forgave you for all those times you hurt me. I always used to tell you that you can’t choose you fall in love with and I would say it’s “an usual” these days to only have had one boyfriend in their entire life. The day I found out that you had fallen in love with another girl made me upset, it felt like you ripped my heart out. I could feel the pain in my heart. But I also felt stupid because you started to talk to “her” like you used to talk to me when you first feel for me. I felt stupid for “allowing” you to hurt me this bad. The last thing you said to me when I confronted you was “this is awkward for me”

Well awkward shouldn’t have been the word you said you said have said sorry or I didn’t mean it. But then I’m kinda going away from what I have always told myself “you can choose who you fall for”

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