Friends come and go

You know when you think you’ve found your soulmate in a Friend way? When you can tell a person every little detail of your life and all your secret to. I thought I did find that friend when I was 13 years old. Weird right? It was the first person I ever told about my secret and someone that I could open up to. I was happy everytime this person texted me. After years went by we were still this “online friends” who I talked to for hours a day. The last person I texted when I went to the sleep and the person who made me smile when I looked at my phone. I got to know his life and he mine. He sort of become a part of the “family” but to him I was a secret. He didn’t want anyone to know about me…. which I at that time didn’t like but today I wish he didn’t tell anyone about me…. maybe then we would still have been friends. So after years we didn’t talk much and that was my fault because he decided to tell his best friend MY SECRET! So I felt broken and stupid for trusting this guy I called friend. But I decided eventually to move on from it. Then I found out that his brother didn’t like me at all. He had this bad blood against me even though I never did anything toward him. After all these years my so called friend since I was 13 till 25 years decided to cut all contact with me for what? Because he couldn’t stand the fact that his brother hated me and that he brother literally texted multiple Instagram profile claiming I was them. Like the only person I wanted in my life was this guy friend who was my first friend and yeah I have learned the hard way that you can’t trust even the one you think have your back. You cant think that your friend will be there forever even though I would have been there for him forever. But I hope you’re doing good and I wish you all the best my friend.

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