No one to trust

I haven’t really talked about how I really feel….. everyone thinks that I’m happy and have friends and living my best life…. well I’m so not living my best life and I don’t have friends as I wish I could. I have tried to get friends. But in the end all the friends I really thought I would have in my life for a long time have either ghosted me or left me. I know what you are thinking, you’re thinking well not everyone is your friend and you’ll get over it. Yeah I will get over it sometimes but when that one friend betrays you so bad. You start to think that no one wants to be your friend….. I recently starts to just talk to people on social media to be like I’m HERE FOR YOU! Which I thought it’s a good thing but it always ends with “I can’t be your friend” why that person couldn’t be my friend or even talk to me because that person is someone’s else’s friend that I know. Sucks right. I’m being nice and I hate that every single person always asks “don’t you have your own friends” I don’t know what to do anymore….

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