When we’re gone

I have always thought about what will happen the day I die. Like we were put on this earth to live to enjoy our life. And is it me or does anyone else also think about if they have done the right thing in life? Have I done enough in my life to say that I’m proud of myself? And then the day come when I die. Will I regret life? Will I regret the stuff I didn’t do? Will I be happy with the person I decided to share my life with? Will I feel happy about the people who got to know me? That’s some of the questions I wonder if I will think about. But what will happen after I’m dead? Will I have a mind? Can I think? Can I see others? Can I still talk and walk? Is it like a new “place” we can be who we were when we lived? Can I talk to the people who are dead? I do wonder about it. I don’t know why I guess I just think too much about it. But am I the only one who think where will I be and what person will I be? I mean do we even live? Can we see the people who are still alive? I have so many unanswered questions and so many situations that can change in years to come. I do hope that I will have some good years.

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