You think you know him

You know that it’s so easy to make up lies? Make up lies online is even easier because people don’t know if it is true or not but the assume it’s true because why would people posts lies online? Hmm I wonder why? Why is it good to lie to people? I had a person who claimed he didn’t know me, he claimed we never ever spoke. But when I go to my texts I can scroll up and see that we talks for months and I was genuinely nice to him. Now I see that the person posts shit about me. Tell people that I stalks him and that “i scary him” I wonder how haha. I mean I can be scary I guess but being scary for telling the truth is bullshit. But I think he is scared because he knows he has been lying to all his friends and his online friends. Trust me I have noting against the people who have left me but for those to continue to talk about me after years of leaving is funny but it’s not fun when they start to make up lies. I don’t know what I have done to these people who does this. I mean I thought I was a good person to them but for them I was just a player and a depressed twat. I don’t know what to do only thing I know I can do is forget about it and move on. But if I still get thrown under the bus to be blamed for all kind of stuff only to make others to leave me then you do have a problem. I mean you have only done that to one person. Even though I would like to know why you kept telling this person lies about me that was far from the truth so the person left me which I bet made you so happy because you got what you wanted. Which is more fun is that people still care about someone when they keep looking up your social media…. which these people still do. Even though the worst part was that even a YouTuber had a saying to me because she was a supposedly a friend of these people. The worst part is that this youtuber belied him and even made up that they were college friends I mean I wouldn’t call it collage friends and say That I’m fucked up because I’m ruin their friendship when they doesn’t even go to the same college and have never even met! I wonder how many more lies he have said to make this person stay away from me lol

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