The devil

Why do people lie? Why do we lie only to make ourselves feel better, one way or another the truth will come out. You can keep a lie for so many years without no one notice that it could be a lie. You told me that you were over me and that you were going to leave me alone. Yet it’s been a couple of months and you come back. I wonder why! I mean I’m I that hard to get over! Or do you just miss making me think that you’ll never walk away. It’s so funny because I know all your lies yet I don’t think you know that I can ruin your life by telling the real truth, would you dare me to tell anyone? And it’s so pathetic that you once again come back and call me a psycho I mean do you even know what that means? Or you just like saying it to me? It’s funny because I know how highly you want all your friends to hate me and to look after you and for them to have a hatred for me. I mean if they really knew the real you would they even have been your friends!? It’s a funny thing the saying about that you don’t know the real person you’re talking to. I have had that In my thoughts for the last years. It’s so sad to know that in this world everyone starts being nice but then something change and they turn out to be the devil. See you later

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