Liar liar

So I’m just gonna have a really honest post. I have had so many people in my life, some people have just left and ghosted me. While others has left and to then for some reason come back because they just love having fun. We all meet people for a reason these people I’m talking about was in my life for many many years. Somehow the trust got broken, secrets came out and so on. But when people do leave you’re supposed to be gone out of their life. But not these people. It’s makes me so angry that they put on social media and tell others that they are the victims. I can be honest that I’m not a good person always, but do you break my trust or make me hate you then There is no way I will never ever want you back in my life. But this person has taken it to another level. Made fake accounts and texted my friends and got YouTube to stand up for them! Saying that they wish they never met me is okey for me because if that’s what they think that’s fine but you don’t say that and still talk about Me. But to continue to stalk me and to post about me on social media is wrong. Making yourself the victim and me the bad guy is okey. Because If that makes you feel better then that’s okey too but the lies won’t last forever the truth will come out one way or another. But to say that I can’t leave you alone is funny but to try and break my relationship up because you have a problem with me somehow is wrong. I’m sorry that the friendship of ours didn’t last forever but that’s life but try and move on and leave me alone for good because we weren’t meant to last That’s it but you don’t have to make it worse.

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