You can’t stop someone from doing what they are doing. People make their own choices. I have a lot of times thought about why do people do what they do to me? What do they get out of it? Is it fun or is it just to make yourself feel better? When People doesn’t text me then I need from now on to think that okay that’s fine, If they don’t want to make time for me then I’m not gonna use my time to text them. People these days think that it’s alright to leave someone on read but think about that it only takes 1 second to reply. If it is your friend then why don’t you text back? Why do people not value others more? One day might be the last time you’ll ever get a text or a phone call from that person so think about your action. Why do people like to bully I mean yea it’s online but words hurts. You don’t know how I person feels, you don’t know what that person is going through and I can assure you that it won’t help when you are bullying them. People need to stop with the “easy” way to bully because it’s just as bad as doing it in person. I have been bullied and it’s not fun it’s not fun at all to see all those hates comments of fake profiles etc online. People have their “followers “ that are on their side while I’m here alone fighting the battle on my own. So many people doesn’t know that bullying or harassment is, I mean people have gone to the police for filing a harassment on me, I mean when is texting someone to ask how’s your day, how’s that harassment? People now think that the word harassment can be use daily! It’s like I’m gonna call this harassment because it’s fits. People need to stop. Try to be friends or leave the person

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