I see you, you’ve got nowhere to hide. Even if you’re not close by I know what you’re up to. I know every move you take. I know when you’re online and read my blog, my Instagram and my Facebook. I know all the lies you’ve told your close friends. I know that you’re trying to keep up with the lies so the truth doesn’t come out. I know that you like to put the blame on someone else. Not everyone believes the stuff that comes out of your month. Everyone has some bad times but some people actually admits that they’ve done something wrong but you, you like pinning all your problems to someone else because you are the HERO! But it’s so far that you blame for everything that goes wrong in your life, I can’t understand how you can think that I’m the reason that you do this and that wrong? That you can’t treat the relationship with respect, that you blame me for whatever what was going on in your life. I do for sorry for the friends you have in your life, who actually believes in your lies. But I guess that the people in your life are just as stupid as you. You don’t get far in life if you are gonna give the blame to anyone except from you. You need to think about how this is effecting your life. How’s the future gonna be if you continue this path? How will your friends think if they find out the truth? What will you think about yourself when you realize that you have just yourself? That all your friends who believed you at on point now realize that you are just a loser and wanted the attention because you are such a good guy who never did anything wrong

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