I see you, you’re all alone and I can’t get rid of you, I’m trying not to think about you. It’s hard tho because you had a lot to offer me. You were my comfort and my happiness then you turned around and hunted me. I hate you now. I wish you could tell me why you keep hunting me, I wish I knew why you keep coming back into my life when you know I’ve moved on. I know that we are two different people but why can’t you leave me alone like everyone else why can’t you just go away I have had enough of you. What do I have to do for you to understand? Do I have to do stuff I know you wouldn’t like? Do I have to look into your eyes and tell you how i feel about you? Do I have to go further for you to understand how you are making me feel every single day. Because I know that you love seeing me upset and sad and then you go around telling lies and I’m here crying. Why can’t you just go away? Leave me alone

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