You know everything

Yesterday was a really bad day I don’t think I’ve ever been so open to you about my life. I told you about everything, I didn’t tell you any names because I didn’t know how you would have handled that. After I told you about the person who’s been harassing me and bullying me online you told me to do something about it, I said that I will because it’s breaking me apart never knowing when the person will come back in my life again to start new drama. After talking to you for an hour I felt so much better and said it’s funny how a person can continue to harassing me and bully me for years I mean how can that be fun? How can everyone around that person believes all his lies? I mean girls have screenshots, no lies about that! All you have is words out of your month yet everyone around the person believes him. After I was focusing on myself after the phone call and just listening to music, you called me again. You said that you’ve been thinking, and was wondering the person who’s doing this is that the guy you used to be friends with? I said it’s the brother is his, and how did you know, you said that it’s simple since me and that person used to me friends and he knows everything about me, and you said well it’s sad how someone does that, it is really sad because what life do you have when you continue to lie about me? I haven’t done anything to that person, all I did was to be a friend towards the brother and for some reason it went from hell after that. But how can people change that much, I mean I’m thankful I got to be your friends for years but I wouldn’t have said that I wish I never met you like you said. But life is life you live and learn. Move on from the past but when the past still hunts you, you gotta do something about it like I will do on Monday because this is the end.

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