Yours not his

It’s just funny how some people still trying to prove that everyone else’s has a problem except themself. Someone just can’t own up to their own problems because it’s easier to blame someone else. I have this person who’s done me so much wrong yet he’s blaming his own bro for me judging is ruin his life. I mean I haven’t done anything toward him the only thing I did was that I was stupid enough to ever talk to him and I think I speak to everyone that girls take screenshot so I have proof, but nope this person wants to do anything in his power to prove that I’m the person who’s the bad guy. I hate that people can’t stand up and say that yea I’ve been lying and I have been getting my friends involved to make them think that this girl is bad! The fact that the person is also telling people that I’m stalking him and making fake profile well im not the one that texts you with differently profiles and tell others that “this is a fake profile since this is this girl” it’s funny how someone is so desperate and fake to get that they want to have in their life to feel happy.

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