Fun time

It’s starting to be really annoying when people is bullying me online. The worst part is that they play the victim. But trust me the revenge is SWEET and you don’t know when it will happen. Is it something I hate is that I have to watch while people post shit about me online, they make up lies and get people to actually believing them. What’s more funny is that they enjoy this! They enjoy making people feel insecure and angry. I once trusted this person and I actually used my time talking to some of these people. And now it’s like “I’ve never talked to this person” “she’s harassing me” girls have screenshot and are a lot smarter then you! You never know what’s going on, on social media. People may be sweet to you in person but in the online world they show the true colors. And I have literally so many screenshot that I can show people who think that you’re just angel but you’re the devil and the Heath is getting hotter every single day. I have had enough and sooner or later the devil is coming out and show you the truth. Because the lies can only last for so long before the truth comes out. I hate you and I hope that every single person in your life knows that too. I’m glad that I know everything about you because you better watch out! People seriously need to back off and be honest to each other’s what going on here? And by the way don’t try to messages my friends because they know EVERYTHING.

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