Whatcha doing with ya life?

Do ya ever think about how much people actually effects you? In a good way and the bad way. I’ve always told myself to make everyone else happy but now I’m done being the good person who always does what everyone else is telling me to do. People think they can pick on me and be mean to me. I hate the fact that I’ve let it gone this far. I need to make myself happy I need to stop thinking about everyone else. I need to stop thinking about what people think about me. I need to stop let people bully me and not do anything about me, I’m making myself an easy target so no wonder I get bully. But I need to stop thinking that it’s my fault that people are bullying me. Because it’s not my fault. It’s not something I’ve done for the people to hate me. I’m a good person yes I do stupid mistakes but I don’t bully people, I don’t treat people badly, I don’t call people names or talk behind their back. I’m an honest person who will tell you exactly how I feel. That’s probably why I don’t have anyone to trust, people are so scared to be attach to someone and for them to break their heart but you need to be honest to have the relationship going. Don’t hide stuff or treat your other half bad and for so to blame others for how you are behaving. People are good at thinking that they never do anything wrong that they are so perfect with their other half, but how did your relationship end? It’s one of you two who made the relationship end? So why blame others? Why do you not think about what you did wrong then to never admit what you did wrong!

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