Strong words

Sometimes people disappear from our life for a reason someone stab us in the back and some just ghost us. People are weird in their own way. I have been ghosted and I have yet to know why from this one person. I also have two people who keep messing with me, stalking me and post shit online about me, telling people lies about me is not okey. I hate that people believe them. But it’s social media! On social media you can literally tell anything and people have sympathy for you, because it’s just words. People doesn’t understand that it can be a lie. People easily bully people online why? Because you can hide your face and just bring a person down like that. People are shit for hiding themself behind a screen. Be strong to show yourself for the person you’re talking shit about because for you it might be fun but the one who receive the shit from you can be hurt because you have no idea how the person is hurting! Stop bullying and harassing people online! What is fun about it? I have so had enough with the people who’s been spreading lies about me online! And when did it start? Because I was friends with this guy’s girlfriend. We were close because we both had the same difficulty in life. We called each other besties 👯‍♀️ and I finally had a girl friend I could talk about anything to! For some reason this guy didn’t like it and that where it all changed! After over a year the guy texted me saying “it’s your fault that me and her broke up” I didn’t even communicate with my bestie at that time and I bet it was him who forced her to stop talking to me. After that he’s been trying his best for me to taste the meds he got! He so believed that I was the one who broke them up that he even tried to break my relationship up. Not enough with that he kept talking about me online. He messages my boyfriends friends at the time thinking that was ME! he invested so much time trying to break me down and did he succeed? Yes he did because I pissed off that they can’t leave me alone. All these lies that they put online saying that I’m this bad and that I stalk them I wonder how? Even telling their people that I’ve abused them online? How it’s a good question and I wonder if they even know what abused is! This has to stop and it’s also funny how they go through my social media and screenshot stuff I’ve posted years ago to post on their social media, like how can that be since I have blocked both of you on all my social media? Gotta be something fishy there. And thinking that they’re so high up that I’m always talking about them! Literally go through everything and be like”that’s about me” like I have a life! I have friends, I have bad stuff in life I have said what I needed to tell them 2 years ago! But did they stop then nope. Still going strong for them. But they don’t know what I know and they better stop soon before it get worse.

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