Shhh okey

I’m standing on the platform and waiting on the train to arrive, I love traveling and seeing all the people are hearing the rain it’s just a nice feeling. I find my seat on the train and lay down and just the train passing by all these days places. All of the sudden I arrived to my destination. It’s a tiny town and I find my place where I’m gonna stay for a couple of days. I’ve done my research and I passing by McDonald’s and the Swan inn at Letton. It’s a beautiful tiny space people are enjoying themself but I’m only having my eye on one person that in here. I slowly move away so no one sees me. I go out and happy I got to see his face it’s time for part 2 of my investigation. I have planned to meet up with this guy. He knows this person I saw in the other place. I’m happy he could meet me. I tell him everything I know, how I ended up at this place, how I even thought about him was a surprise for him but he was happy to help me. He was so fascinated that I’ve gathered so many evidence and I have everything in a folder. I showed him all my screenshot and I told him every little details from the first time I talked to this person till how it is today. He was surprised I had so many screenshots over 150 of them to be correct. He told me to come with him to the police station so we could stop this once and for all. He didn’t care that he was related to this person because all he thought about was about my well-being and me being safe. I’m glad that I found this person and glad he took me serious. People are so afraid nowadays to go to the police and report a crime or a harassment that’s going on. But in the end you have to think about yourself, will you be okey with this continuing or will you be more okey with the person forever gone? Will you be more happy about yourself when you don’t have to constantly worry about what people are sharing and writing about you on social media? Won’t you be more at piece with yourself knowing that they can’t hurt you anymore. You have to show yourself that no one can bring you down. That the world is not a place for you not to have a good life. The world wasn’t made more bullies or dickheads.

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