This is the end

I’m so tired and exhausted. I hate that people get into my head and make me doubt myself. Me feeling sad and angry because people won’t leave me alone. I’m so tired of all the untruth posts about me online. I mean when you hate me this much then you could come to me directly but no you like getting people to believe you, to be there by your side while you bring me down. The story that you keep telling people are so far from the truth, we did talk daily in 2018 we did ask each other how we were we did like each other’s posts. But for some reason you ended up blaming me for your relationship ending. Even thought you told me that over 2 years later which is funny though since you did say it was my fault. But I mean if your relationship ended then it can’t be because of a person anyway, the relationship most have been at a bad stage and if it did end then you know it wasn’t the right person. But how can you hate me that much now so many years later? You texted so many people online thinking that claiming that it was me and that the accounts was FAKE! I mean I’ve never in my entire life known someone who’s so obsessed with someone they hate. You turned your brother against me even though we were friends for years. I don’t blame him for choosing you over a friend, but I do hope that he realize that you just like everyone to hate me. The fact that you sent to so many paragraph about stuff you claimed that I’ve said to PEOPE that you’ve done to me, I mean I won’t never ever sink that low. And that you said that I’m making it up that I’ve got mental health issues. I mean why would I make that up? Would you like to see me depressed at some point? Would you like to see what I mess I can? But for you to say that I don’t have a mental health problem and that you know people who has it and that I don’t have it it’s just wrong. You really don’t know how far you’re walking now by what you’re doing. You are harassing me online you are a bully and the funny thing is that you are going online saying that I’m the one who is harassing you. Do you even know what that means? I mean I have so many proof of what you said and done. The fact is that one day you will mess with the wrong person and someday maybe then you’ll have the guts to tell this to my face instead of saying it behind a screen and have your people beside you. I really hope that you’ll stop because it’s sad how your life is that your life is filled with you harassing me and bully me I mean it’s sad how that’s your daily tasks. I really hope that people will see your true colors because you seriously need to have a look at yourself and maybe you can understand what you’ve been doing. You don’t act like an adult but as a child. If you don’t get what you want you’ll be angry for a long time. But this is it you’ve taken so much away from me so at least that have made you happy. But deep down you aren’t happy when this is your life.

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