The act of the year

So you’ve disappeared again? When will you come back? When will you hunt me down again to make my life a living hell? You told me that you were done, you told me it was the end! Yet I know you’ll come back? Why? Because you love the attention you will get, you will love the fact that you can just walk straight into my life without any questions. I hate you okey. I don’t hate easily but when people continue to show me how bad they are then i just can’t ignore the fact that some people come back only to make my life miserable. I wonder what you think when you decide to come back? Are you thinking that we can be friends? When you have showed me what kind of a person you really are. Are you just coming back because it’s fun to make fun of me? That’s your life is more interesting when you have someone to bring down ? I wonder if the people around you know what you’re doing behind the screen? Do they know that you are a two faced coward who can’t come to me look into my eyes and tell me what you’re saying to me online? I wonder if you are just a sad person that feels better by bullying and have hatred for people who’s done you no wrong. I hope that you will actually read this and hopefully you can actually face me.

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