I’m sorry

I know you’re hurting and I know it’s hard to hide everything inside. It’s rough to not have anyone to talk to. I know the feeling but I can’t tell you know how YOU feel. Every person deals with theirs emotional differently. But knowing that you’re heart is hearing because that you can’t follow your … Continue reading I’m sorry

Shhh okey

I’m standing on the platform and waiting on the train to arrive, I love traveling and seeing all the people are hearing the rain it’s just a nice feeling. I find my seat on the train and lay down and just the train passing by all these days places. All of the sudden I arrived … Continue reading Shhh okey

Online harassment

There are many forms of online harassment, and many names used to describe these types of harassment, including cyber bullying, trolling, flaming, doxing, outing and fraping. Regardless of the approach, the perpetrators use personal information, abusive messaging or bullying behaviour to cause you emotional distress. Social media is typically the platform of choice for perpetrators … Continue reading Online harassment